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Telemedicine: The Wave of the Future!

Updated: May 3

Bobby Wolfe FNP

Telemedicine: The Wave of the Future

So, here we are. We made it to the future! Did anyone ever think when they were a kid that we would have so much at our finger tips? I know that I always dreamed of sort of movie vending machine...Well I sadly and unfortunately got what I wished for (RIP Blockbuster). Now at our literal fingertips, we have, Movies and TV shows, a box that answers all of your questions to settle arguments, a calculator to prove that we didn't actually need to learn that stuff, talking maps to tell us where to go, and now healthcare from the comfort of your own home. No waiting in lines, no sitting around sick people, no wasting gas (thank goodness, because at the time of writing this I filled the tank for $4.65 per gallon). The convenience and benefits of virtual care and telemedicine are almost endless. What does this have to do with you? That's where I come in! I am the nurse practitioner with Family Telemed, and I have alot to offer!

Obviously, if you break your arm, go to the emergency room. What about if you just THINK you broke your arm? Well, call me, text me, or make an appointment online, and I'll write you an x-ray order, right now! How cool is that? Having a heart attack? Ok, also just go to the emergency room! However, if your looking for blood work to check on your heart (or general health), go ahead and do that appointment thing again, and I'll write you a lab order. It's honestly so simple and easy. Cough, cold, flu, pink eye, hemorrhoids? Well, you know the drill by now. $45 per visit is similar to what many insurances require as a copay. I'm just getting rid of the middle man. Please make your life easier, and my life busier, by coming to see my at Family Telemed.

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