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Optimal Flora Blitz 100


OHS is the original whole food supplement company. It is the first to create high-potency whole food formulas that are completely absorbable at the cellular level. This has been made possible through the world's first enzyme and patented mineral delivery system named “Opti-Blend™.” Opti-Blend™ sets OHS apart and is in every formula, guaranteeing the cellular delivery of each nutrient.

OHS is time-tested and proven. Thousands--yes, thousands--of doctors and athletes have been continuously using our products for decades. Our 100% potency and satisfaction guarantee has led to the granting of patents and function claims the government has approved that others only dream about.

Check out our extensive line of researched formulas that nutritionally support your goal of achieving optimal health.

Shop OHS for Natural and holistic health, wellness, weight loss, nutrition, hormone improvement, digestion, stress and anxiety relief and much more!


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Optimal Opti – T
Optimal Muscle RX
Optimal Lipolean CLA
Optimal Fat . Sugar . Trim Formula
Essential P-5-P
Longevi Dk2
Whole Food Vitamin – Mineral
Optimal Stress / Anxiety Relief
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